The Amstelveld practice offers a whole range of diagnostic services. On this page you will find more information about all our services in the field of diagnostics. For questions it is always possible to contact us during working hours.

PAP Smear

Screening for cervical cancer focuses on women between thirty and sixty years old. Once every five years, women in this age group are invited for participation. The aim of the screening is the early detection of cervical cancer and the conditions that lead to cervical cancer.

Ultrasound (Echography)

Echography is image-forming checkup using ultrasound waves, not perceptible for people.

The transducer is moved over the skin, simultaneously transmitting the waves which rebound differently depending of the tissue density. This electric signal is by the computer translated into an image of that tissue. Ultrasound, however, cannot be transmitted through the air or bone, making usage of this method not applicable for bones examination or checkup of the body parts containing much air. 

This test is used predominantly to examine soft tissues of e.g. organs or muscles. It is also widely used for pregnancy checks. The ultrasound test causes no damage to the tissue and is painless.