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Experienced general practitioners who have an eye for your care

Health Center Amstelveld is located in the heart of the Canal District, close to Rembrandt Square in the centre of Amsterdam. The general practice offers personal healthcare for all inhabitants in its vicinity. We also offer accessible healthcare to travelers and expats.

Prinsengracht 762, Amsterdam 020-6227881 (press 1 in case of emergency)

Outside opening hours call the the GP 088-0030600

Since 2020

Our team

General practice Amstelveld

We strive to be the general practice where everyone feels welcome. Easy accessible and good and fast approachable care for everyone.

Practice information

Our consultation hours: we are available by phone between 8 am and 5 pm (we have lunch between 12 am and 1.30 pm). You can also make an appointment online, easy and quick. In that way you unburden our assistants.

Our team

Our employees are ready for you every day.


With the WebApp you always have insight in your medication and lab results.

Short waiting time

You can come to us for consultation within 24 hours.


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Prinsengracht 762, Amsterdam 020-6227881 (press 1 in case of emergency)
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